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Come Meet Your New Neighbours

This year's collaborative event aims to create a sense of home in the Valley for everyone

It can be hard being the new person in town, so a little welcome goes a long way

It’s a New Year, and there are new neighbours in town!

The Immigrant Welcome Centre has organized the perfect chance to beat the winter blues by finding some light in others.

Everyone has been new in town at one point or another. And this year’s Collaboratory will focus on the universal experiences that come with a big move: finding friends, meaningful work, and getting settled in.

These are just some of the challenges people face when they find a new home.

And they’re easier to overcome with the help of community.

“This event is an opportunity for the public to listen to the lived experiences of immigrants first-hand and talk about how we can build empathy in our communities of newcomers,” Coalition coordinator Julie Keumbehdjian told the Comox Valley Record.

A little welcome can make a big difference for those coming to town, and in turn, make our home a lot brighter for all of us.

The virtual event, called Building Empathy: Immigrant Experiences, is being held on January 25th.

It hopes to take input and create group discussions on the sorts of issues faced by newcomers and long-term residents alike.

You’ll also get to learn more about the Welcoming Communities Coalition, a community-driven group that brings together locals and organizations to help make the Valley more welcoming and connected.

If you’re interested, it’s a great chance to meet some new people and get involved.

You can register for free at:

Questions? Email Coalition Coordinator Julie Keumbehdjian at