Laila Trogneux-Goosen smiles with the trophy she won for her snort laugh

Photo Credit: Laila Trogneux-Goosen / Facebook

Comox Hero Laughs Her Way to Victory

World champion in....snort laughing??

Spreading laughter around Comox is what it’s all about!

A Comox woman has just won a worldwide championship…in snort laughing??

Laila Trogneux-Goosen has always appreciated the health benefits laughter can bring. And after years of practice trying to brighten up the COVID blues, she’s made it to the big time. 

This year, Trogneux-Goosen won the 2022 World Laughing Championships, and now she’s using her skills to bring more laughter to her community.

Now she’s out to help teach “laughter yoga”—a practice of deep breathing, belly laughing, exercise and positive energy to all of Comox. She has plans to re-start a local laughter club, as well as show the benefits laughing can bring to a workplace as well!

She’ll focus on teaching within hospitals, hospices and youth work programs.

“It’s a release—laughter also releases beautiful chemicals. So we talk about the daily dose, which is dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins, and through the practice, it’s amazing how much you get when you sustain the laughter,” she told the Comox Valley Record.

“For a while at the end of the session, you’re really feeling like you’ve had the equivalent of a physical workout or a good meditation or relaxation.”

We can all use a little more laughter in our lives. To hear more about Laila’s laugh program, you can tune into The Record’s Off The Page podcast.

After hearing Laila’s winning snort laugh, you’ll see that even without practice, laughter truly is contagious. We’re glad to see her bringing a little more of it home.