The words EGG MAN on a black background with a picture of a van with broken windows showing through the text.
Photo Credit: VanIsle.News Staff

Do You Know the Egg Man?

Comox Valley RCMP are looking for more information on the egg man, coo coo ca choo

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Why did he need an axe, though?

Remember the guy who threw eggs in the phone store? The guy who was yelling all those f-bombs about 5G? It looks like he’s levelled up a bit.

In an October 28th press release, the Comox Valley RCMP said they’d arrested the man they think threw those eggs. Only they arrested him for using an axe to bust up people’s cars.

Apparently, he’d spent a couple of days smashing cars. The RCMP had people in Courtney on the lookout for the guy—he was driving a 2013 Honda Civic with Nova Scotia plates.

Then at 9:05 a.m. on the 28th, RCMP officers got calls about a man wrecking a vehicle with an axe in the parking lot on Ryan Road in Courtenay. 

He busted all the windows out of the van. The doors looked like someone had tried to open them like a beer can.

The cops found him in that Civic. They think he might be involved in other incidents in Courtenay, Port Alberni and Campbell River.

As of now, no one knows why he smashed up people’s cars. But it seems like this guy has gotten caught up in some dangerous conspiracy theory stuff.

The RCMP is asking anyone who might know something about these incidents to call (250) 338-1321.


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