Got Some Extra Love To Give?

But half-price adoption fees at the SPCA come with an important reminder.

Some “pandemic pets” are looking for their forever homes.

Family Day is just around the corner. Do you have a little extra room — and a whole lot of love — to spare? How about adding a new member to your household?

Look no further! The SPCA has a whole roster of companions looking for a home.

“From dogs and cats, to horses, farm animals, birds, rabbits, and small animals, we have love in all shapes and sizes to adopt,” said Adrienne McBridge, promoting the SPCA half-price adoption program.

There’s probably nothing more unconditionally loving than a four-legged companion.

Unfortunately, humans don’t always prove to be so loyal.

“People were very keen to get pets during the isolation of COVID, and we saw an increase in the number of people breeding animals,” Eileen Drever, senior officer for protection and stakeholder relations at the SPCA, said in a release.

“Now that people are back to work and to their regular routines, the market has dropped off, and we are getting calls for help from breeders who are overwhelmed with the number of animals in their care,” said Drever.

This has resulted in a whole lot of deserted animals who need some real TLC.

To help make adoption more accessible this February, the BC SPCA shelters are making their adoptions half-price from Feb 10th-26th.

However, half-priced doesn’t mean they’re cutting corners.

Folks wanting to adopt still have to apply and undergo screening to ensure they can give an animal a good home.

Also, they’re reminding everyone that pets are a big responsibility. They advise against stopping by to adopt anything on a whim.

“If you just started dating a girl, I probably won’t go out and get her a kitten,” joked one SPCA worker to West Coast Now.

Families should discuss adoption and apply for pets only when they’re prepared to give the animal a good home for its natural life.

But, if adding a little extra love to your life sounds like just the thing to celebrate love month… we’ve linked a few adorable pets for adoption here.


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