An orca surfaces between boats at a marina.

Photo Credit: Comox Valley Wildlife Sightings

Look, Easter Orcas!

How very West Coast

Lucky onlookers got up close and personal as Transient Killer Whales swam through the Comox marina

Lucky onlookers were treated to some up close views as Transient Killer Whales swam through the Comox marina.

While they certainly aren’t your typical Easter mascot, they’re oh-so fitting for us West Coasters. This parade of rapturous orcas rose from the waters in the Comox Bay this past Easter Sunday. 

Likely there on the hunt for seals, the family of 5 Transient Whales, also known as Bigg’s Killer Whales, glided through clear waters within a meter of the boats!

Nicky Smiley, who runs a Facebook group called Comox Valley Wildlife Sightings, captured this wholesome event in 4K.

YouTube video

The family of playful orcas included a 21-year-old male known as Noah, with his towering dorsal fin. Alongside him was his aunt, 30-year-old TO49B and her three calves (TO49B2, born in 2010, sex undetermined), TO49B3 (born in 2013, sex undetermined) and TO49B4, a newer calf.

Killer whales often travel and hunt within their matrilines, lines of descent from female ancestors. These Bigg’s have been visiting the waters around VanIsle a lot lately.

This particular pod delighted onlookers as they played in the Comox marina for more than 2 minutes before exiting around the rocky breakwater.