Photo Credit: ComoxValley.News staff

Rain, Rain Flow Today, Then Come Again Another Day

Drought triggers needed water restrictions

Time to Save Water in Royston, Cumberland so think twice before hosing down your driveway

It has been a hot, dry summer on Vancouver Island.

Lots of places haven’t seen a drop of rain in over a month.

So it’s not surprising that Royston and Cumberland are now under more water restrictions. They join Courtney and Comox, which moved into Stage 2 water restrictions late last month.

It’s kind of a bummer to watch your lawn go dry. But the idea is to have enough water to drink and fight fires until the rains start up again in the fall.

The following things are not allowed under Stage 2 water restrictions:

  • Washing sidewalks;
  • Washing driveways;
  • Washing windows; or
  • Washing buildings.

You can still water your lawn, but you can only do it once a week.

Folks who live in houses with even numbers can turn on the sprinkler on Wednesdays between 4–10 in the morning and 7–10 in the evening.

Folks who live in houses with odd numbers can turn their sprinklers on over the same time on Thursdays.

The bike wash station at the Cumberland Rec Centre will close until we get out of Stage 2.

The splash park will stay open so you can cool off the kiddos, but the hours might get reduced if things stay dry.