A dolphin leaping partly out of the ocean.
Photo Credit: Discover West Adventures / Facebook

What Do 120 Charging Dolphins Look Like?

A pleasant whale watching adventure turned into a real circle of life moment

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They really didn’t want to become the Orca’s lunch

A bunch of folks were out on a boat near Campbell River when they got the show of a lifetime.

According to their Facebook post, the tour with Discovery West Adventures had just stopped to watch a pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins play in the water. But all of a sudden, something changed.

The dolphins started charging toward the boat!


It turns out the dolphins were being chased by a family of orcas, possibly from the T90 family. And orcas think dolphins are delicious.

A few minutes later, one of the orcas started flinging a dolphin 15 feet in the air. Luckily one of the folks on the boat still had a camera running.


Chelsea Cameron is part owner of Discovery West Adventures. She told CTV News that the T90 orcas are known as “dolphin killers.”

No one knows what happened to the dolphins that got flung in the air. But it was a natural “circle of life” moment, for sure.


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