A map of the trail west of Cream Lake where an iPhone 13 is laying waiting to be found.

Photo Credit: Mapy.cz

Anyone Up for a Treasure Hunt?

One hikers loss could be the ultimate geocache adventure

If you can find this phone, you’ll get some cash and a free place to crash in Europe!

If you miss playing hide and seek as a kid, here’s an opportunity for you to play the ultimate 2.0 version as an adult.

A tourist lost their phone on a hike out near Cream Lake. It was full of photos from their trip across Canada. Although it might not be worth a ton in cash, for Ladislav Zibura, it’s worth hundreds in sentimental value.

$200, to be specific.

Zibura and his girlfriend spent about 5 hours hunting for the phone after losing it in the woods. But without any service, they couldn’t call it or use the Find My Phone app. They also had a flight to catch in a few hours.

They chose the flight instead of the phone.

Although they’re now back at their home in Prague, they’re hoping someone on VanIsle might be game for a treasure hunt.

Zibura put out a public plea on Vancouver Island Hiking Enthusiasts. He’s offering a $200 reward to anyone who can find the phone. He’s also offering a welcoming place to stay next time you’re in the Czech Republic!

A solid deal, but you’ll need to be prepared for a proper hunt to find it.

“It’s definitely not in any obvious place… My phone is waterproof so it should last a couple weeks. I hope that meanwhile I can find any brave treasure hunter who would find it.”

So, if you’re ready to do a good deed and get started on Easter early this year, here are your hints.

The phone is white with a transparent cover.

It’s likely within 15 meters of the trail from Bedwell Lake Campground to Cream Lake.

And for all the geo-nerds, its last known location is: 49.4859767N, 125.5474269W

Zibura thanked everyone for all the great encounters they had while in Canada. Hopefully, someone can encounter his phone and give him one last memorable moment.

Happy hunting!