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Watermansurfco / Instagram

Surfing Cedar

When entrepreneur moved to Campbell River, he fell in love with cedar

Pinky the humpback rises out of the water with one big fin waving as if to say hello.

Beloved Mother Whale Sets Off for Hawaii

A huge group of local boaters saved Pinky from a trap that would have put her life in danger

A closeup of a pink salmon being held just about sparkling water on a sunny day.

Record-breaking Year for Pinks in the Tsolum

Volunteers counted more than 155,000 pinks in the watershed

WestIsle.News staff

When Reality TV Is All Too Real

Big Timber’s cast of F-bomb dropping macho loggers hit the small screen at a pivotal time

A woman lies in an ICU bed with wires and tubes hooked up to her body.

Sick Northerners Get Help on VanIsle, But the Beds Are Filling Up

COVID keeps rolling through the province, and unvaccinated people are getting hit hard

A picture of Bronx the dog with bright red muzzle on. In the background, a happy pitbull runs toward the camera.

Death Row Dog Gets Sprung

The case lasted months, but the judge decided Bronx wasn’t a risk to the public

Last Stand - Capt Kirk vs Capt Horgan

Capt. Horgan Get His Pee Pee Slapped by Capt. Kirk

William Shatner joins a growing list of celebrities, artists, and scientists calling out Horgan for logging last stands of rare old-growth


If You Work in Senior’s Care, You Need to Get the Jab

Mandatory vaccines for long term and assisted living workers now in effect

Kindred Snowboards

Shred the Gnar with Custom Planks

Local couple uses local yellow cedar and Douglas fir to craft beautiful boards

NorthIsle.News staff

BC Government Not Prepared for Tsunami on Northern VanIsle

Experts say another big one will happen – the question is when?

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