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Happy Holidays, How About a New COVID Variant?

The first person in BC with the Omicron variant was identified this week

Joyce Murray smiling on a cloudy day. Her hair is grey and she is wearing a small red scarf around her neck.

Jordan Out, Murray In

The fish farming industry is dreaming if it thinks Minister Murray will be any friendlier to floating fish factories

BC’s Floodplain Maps Suck

If we want to climate-proof the Island, we need flood maps from this century

In An Emergency, Who Ya Gonna Call?

The Horgan government has spent the past week telling everyone that emergencies are not their problem

ComoxValley.News staff

One Storm Away From Empty Shelves?

The most recent atmospheric river storm has people talking food security

A map of an atmospheric river hitting Vancouver Island with cartoon boxing gloves lining up to punch the Island.

Ranking Atmospheric Rivers

They aren’t a new thing, but climate change is making them worse

NorthIsle.News staff

Is Aaron Gunn Going To Launch a New Extremist Party? Or is He Just Bluffing?

While Gunn is trying to position himself a small ‘c’ conservative,” his talking points are from the angry white man playbook.

People stand on the other side of a flooded section of road in front of the Pathfinder RV Park sign in the rain.

Arrowsmith Search & Rescue Save the Day Again

When the going gets tough, the tough put on their hip waders

NorthIsle.News staff

It’s a Bear, It’s a Sasquatch, It’s Hugh Jackman – No, It’s a ‘Hyena of the North.’

Unconfirmed sightings raise the possibility that this nocturnal creature may still exist on VanIsle

A4 Asbestos

It Didn’t Kill Him (Yet), But It Cost Him Jobs

He blew the whistle on asbestos exposure and he says it cost him two jobs