Whistleblower’s Testimony Renews Questions About VanIsle’s Extraterrestrial Secrets

1981 was a year unexplained UFO phenomena on Vancouver Island

Were the X Files actually real?

It’s right out of the X Files, except its not fiction. At least according to a recent whistleblower.

If you haven’t heard about the wild hearing that’s been going on in US Congress yet, you’re in for a ride.

David Grusch, who led the analysis of “unexplained anomalous phenomena” (UAP) within a US Department of Defense agency until 2023, has been publically airing US intelligence’s alleged dirty laundry for the last few days.

Grusch’s main claim – the government has had evidence of extraterrestrial life for decades.

The hearing was prompted by claims from Grusch this past spring that the government was secretly harbouring alien spacecraft.

He’s now repeated many of his former allegations under oath, saying he’d been informed of a decade-long program that retrieves and reverse engineers UAPs (the more modern name for UFOs).

US Federal law makes it a crime to “knowingly and willfully” give “materially” false statements to Congress. If found to be lying Grusch could face up to five years in prison.

“As I’ve stated publicly already in my NewsNation interview, biologics came with some of these recoveries,” Grusch said.

These “biologics” were reported as “Non-human, and that was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program I talked to, that are currently still on the program.”

This allegation might shock some – or seem like old news to others – Grusch is far from the first person to make similar claims.

“The story aligns with a lot of similar stories that have played out, going back to the 1980s and 1970s, that together allege that the US government has kept an incredible secret, the literal most extraordinary secret that mankind could have, for not just weeks or months, but years.” Garrett Graff, a journalist and historian writing a book on the US government’s hunt for UFOs, told the Guardian.

Van Isle has been a hotspot for claims that could back up the existence of aliens – including evidence of UFOs that has yet to be ruled out.

One of the most intriguing “UFO” sightings was by Duncan local Hannah McRoberts.

She took a photo on October 8, 1981, at about 11:OO AM, which to this day has yet to be disputed as a fake.

She said she was just trying to capture the mountain landscape and only noticed a distinctly UFO-looking object hovering in one photo after she got back the film’s negatives.

Analyses of the original negative included micro-densitometry, computer enhancements, and other measurements intent upon showing a support thread, atmospheric disturbance, or other evidence of a hoax.

No evidence of a hoax was ever found, and the pictured UFO remains a strange unknown.

Besides McRobert’s “accidental” photograph, 1981 was apparently the year for alien vacations to Duncan.

The “Duncan UFO Sighting” was another craze well-documented in the media that year. Multiple witnesses saw a large, brightly lit object with a triangular shape hovering silently over the area for several minutes before vanishing.

In 2013, another noteworthy incident occurred in Comox Valley, where many people reported a series of mysterious lights moving erratically in the sky they said were unlike any conventional aircraft or celestial objects they had ever seen.

Beyond UFO sightings, Granger Taylor (yet another Duncan resident), fascinated with space travel, left a note telling his family he could communicate with extraterrestrials and was embarking on an interstellar journey before mysteriously vanishing.

His story generated an entire documentary from CBC called Spaceman.

The letter Granger Taylore left his parents | CBC

Taylor’s story and other reports like Lisa Nydahl’s encounter with a boomerang-shaped object (again in Duncan??) add to the island’s intrigue in the UFO realm.

Whether the idea that aliens have reached Earth as a result of human imagination and natural phenomena or something more remains a subject of ongoing curiosity and debate.

It will likely continue to dominate the news more than ever in the coming weeks.

Van Isle will no doubt continue to be a place where people share their experiences and stories of the unexplained.


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