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Photo Credit: B.C. Government

Money, Money, Money – BC is Starting a $500 Million Fund for Green Businesses

There aren't many details, but the money could really help

The new Crown Corporation, called InBC, will invest in businesses that focus on profits, people, and the planet

After more than a year of COVID, small businesses are hurting. Getting some extra cash from the provincial government could help a lot of people survive and maybe even grow after this really rough year.

The BC government has started a new fund to invest in small businesses that make a profit but also focus on helping people and the planet. They say the new fund will grow the economy while building climate-friendly businesses and Indigenous businesses.

Some of this money could go a long way on Vancouver Island where jobs in logging and salmon farming are disappearing. We are good at making money while taking care of each other and our forests.

The money will be invested by a new Crown corporation called InBC which will get to decide which businesses get funding and how much they will get without having to get government approval first.

Check out InBC’s website for more information about accessing funds.