Photo Credit: Jessica Colombo | Facebook

Bear-y Unusual: Island Mom Discovers Unwanted Guest

Local mom gets a grizzly visitor

Big News : It’s Not Only Black Bears Showing Up In Backyards

We’ve got some wild news for North Islanders!

A local mom got the shock of her life after hearing some words no one wants to hear coming from their toddler.

Jessica Colombo and her son were in the middle of their evening routine after burning off some energy in the backyard.

As fate would have it, just after they retreated indoors, he started pointing back out the window.

“Bear, mummy, bear!”

It wasn’t just any old black bear, either. It was a Grizzly!

“I was kind of shocked because it looked like a grizzly to me right away, but we don’t get those here on the island,” Columbo told CTV News.

Many people believe that there are no Grizzly bears on Van Isle, but the footage captured by Columbo proves that idea dead wrong.

The BC Conservation Officer Service explains that these formidable creatures occasionally venture over from the central coast, taking a dip and exploring the northern reaches of Vancouver Island and the nearby Gulf islands.

Colombo lives about 10 minutes outside of Port McNeill and wanted to warn other residents of the bear since many have farmyard animals and children.

The bear stayed in her yard for less than 10 minutes before wandering off.

“He kind of moseyed off back into the forest,” she said.

In response, the COS is urging residents to be proactive in securing or removing any bear attractants, such as garbage, birdseed, or pet food.

And, like always, if you see it, no selfies!

“Do not try to approach the bear to take pictures,” said the COS. “This is risky behaviour that is not condoned.”

If you do end up having a run-in, use caution and report any sightings to the Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) hotline at 1-877-952-7277.