Bye Bye Buffet

The 'all you can eat' meals were, unsurprisingly, a money loser

Buffet buffs beware! BC Ferries permanently closes the buffet, and sets sail for fresh feasting ideas.

Surely for some a devastating blow, BC Ferries has decided to shut down its beloved buffet meals permanently.

The company’s chief executive, Nicolas Jimenez, knows the nostalgia the Pacific Buffets brought for many west coasters.

“I know the hard decision to permanently close our buffets will be disappointing to those who used and loved them, but the timing is right to re-think the space.”

The dining space desperately needs reimagining, mainly because of costs.

BC Ferries revealed that the all-you-can-eat breakfasts, lunches, and dinners featuring delectable roast beef, salmon, and unlimited desserts cost over a million per year to keep running.

The company’s resources are stretched thin as is, and each sailing required the dedicated support of seven crew members to operate the buffet option.

While BC Ferries had planned to bring the buffet back after COVID, Jimenez said with rising food costs, plus the amount of waste that goes hand and hand with buffet dining, it simply isn’t sustainable.

BC Ferries reminisced about the buffet’s glory days, especially the famed guests who had graced the buffet.

Past visitors included renowned entertainers such as Tom Cochrane, Sarah McLaughlin, rapper Ice-T, boy band NSYNC, and influential figures like Prime Ministers and Premiers.

Their presence added a touch of glamour and excitement to the buffet, making it a cherished memory for many.

While the closure may leave a void in the hearts of buffet enthusiasts, BC Ferries firmly believes it is time to forge a new path.

Exploring options beyond the buffet, the company has contemplated ideas like a sports bar, a casino, a gym, or a private reception area for passengers.

They say they’re determined to find a more sustainable alternative for the vacant dining space.

The company has launched a feedback survey to gather input on potential concepts and ideas. They aim to introduce a new dining experience in the fall, guided by the public’s suggestions.

If you want to give feedback, you can look at the survey here.