Photo Credit: Jenn Dykstra

Can Five People Really Live Comfortably in a Tiny Home?

Parents still married after choosing to downsize

Comox family still likes each other after trading 2,400 square feet for 380 and a chance at sustainable living

When Amy and Todd Woods had the opportunity to buy some raw land, they jumped on it. In BC’s current real estate market, who wouldn’t? They did this even though they had just built a 2,400 square foot home that they were living comfortably in.

You’ll never guess what they did next. They built a 380 square foot home on the land and moved in with their three children. They have been living in their tiny home for the past two years.

The plan is to build a bigger home on the lot. But this experiment in tiny home living has taught the family a few crucial lessons.

“It has been incredible to see how our perspective on ‘needs’ has changed over the past year,” said Amy Woods, writing for the Comox Valley Collective.

The family wants to learn how to live more sustainably.

“Our spending habits are different now, and, with less in the house to clean and care for, it seems we have more time to be outside or doing things together.”

Keeping full-size appliances was one of the keys to the transition.

After 15 years of marriage and raising children, downsizing wasn’t all smooth sailing for the family.

“The settling-in months were very difficult, as we waited weeks to have water, power, and a flushing toilet. The changing of each season is challenging, as we struggle to reorganize the things we need and put away the things we don’t,” Woods explained.

This experiment has also brought some unexpected benefits.

The Woods family has had time to become more familiar with the land through the seasons. But, they’ve also realized that being together, having a roof over their heads, and eating good food are the key ingredients for an epic family adventure.