Do You Know How to Improve Your Community’s Health?

You could get up to $50,000 to carry out a plan

Government funding new approaches

Most folks on VanIsle can critique our struggling healthcare system at the moment.

Many issues are plain to see, but as Island Health is clearly demonstrating – the solutions are more elusive.

But do you have a plan that you think could help?

If you see a problem in your community related to mental health or drug use that you think you could solve or even put a dent in, keep reading.

Island Health is giving up to $1 million in grants to fund ideas on how to tackle the health problems presenting themselves in your community.

Keva Glynn is the executive lead for Mental Health and Substance Use Strategy. She told Comox Valley Now they’re hoping to hear out-of-the-box solutions.

“The resilience and safety grants provide an opportunity for new partners and voices to come forward and propose creative ways to reach those at highest risk, focusing on deepening resilience and supporting wellness at work and home.”

Local not-for-profit organizations, governments, Indigenous Nations, and local businesses or grassroots initiatives that have a solid execution plan will all be eligible to apply.

Grants are available in two areas.

One focuses on improving workplace resilience and individual safety related to the toxic drug crisis.

The second area covers improving youth mental health outcomes and resilience.

If you have ideas on how these problems could be better addressed in your town, now is the time to make a game plan.

You can find more information on the grants and specifics on what they should address on their website.

The money is there for the taking. So if you’ve been looking for a way to step up to the plate, now is your chance.