Farmer Doug Groenedijk gazes into the camera from his barn.

Photo Credit: CTV

Finding the Yee to his Haw

Now this is quality entertainment

Local farmer will do anything for love

They say people will do anything for love. And one VanIsle loverboy has decided to perform the ultimate sacrifice to find the love of his life.

He’s starring on a reality TV show.

Doug Groenendijk is 25 years old. He stands at 6 feet 5 inches tall and loves volleyball. 

Sure, he sounds like your average city pretty boy, but he’s also…(this was exactly how they pitched the show, by the way)

A dairy farmer.

Cue the shocked oooos and ahhs.

He’ll be brushing off his overalls and giving his best pitch on the new CTV reality series Farming for Love.

The series will centre around Groenendijk and five other Canadian farmers as they go through a series of cringeworthy activities and over-the-top dates.

They’ll even live with all the lovely women who applied to compete over these dusty men. 

Groenendijk continues to live and work on the family’s 300-acre solar-powered Chemainus dairy farm. (Okay, he cares about the environment too? Swoon!)

He’s hoping to find someone who will not only want to get married, but is smart and ready to start a family now. That’s a tough ask in this day and age, to be honest.

If you want to shoot your shot with this cattle-loving cutie, you can check out Groenendijk’s profile and find out how to apply to date him here.

While a reality show may seem like a long shot, it has worked before (right?). And with a little luck, he may just find the girl of his dreams.

No matter what happens on the show, we know we’ll be bingeing it.