Here’s Your Courtenay Council Candidates!

Who are you voting for?

Your 2022 elections round-up

With elections fast approaching, it’s time to get to know the people you’ll be voting for.

We’ve put together a quick info guide to give you a taste of what each candidate is about, and links so you can learn more.

Phil Adams

Phil runs a medical equipment business here in Courtenay. It helps seniors and people with disabilities get access to home health products such as wheelchairs and hospital beds.

Hence, a big focus as councillor would be to benefit those he already helps. Changing bylaws and zoning to allow people to age in place, opening day programs to offer partners a day of respite, and subsidizing more Handy Darts and non-profit shuttle services.

He also wants to see housing permitting sped up so we can get more homes built faster at a lower cost, and pressure the province to get our neighbours who are struggling with mental health or drug addiction challenges more help.
Facebook: Phil Adams for Courtenay Council
Phone: 778-888-2685

Steffan Chmuryk 

Steven has a ton of professional experience in infrastructure development, as a project surveyor, and logistics. He plans to use that experience to thoroughly review development proposals and direct our available resources efficiently.

Besides his professional experience, he has lived through the challenges associated with poverty, addiction, and housing. He feels we need representatives that have actual experience facing these problems to guide policy and more effectively address these issues. This would be a huge part of his goals as a councillor.

Holding decision-makers accountable, determined long-term perspective, and broad thinking across disciplines are what he hopes to bring to the table.

Instagram: @schmuryk

Will Cole-Hamilton

Will is hoping to continue as a representative for Courtenay, saying he has the rigorous analysis and clear decision-making that we need on council.

He is a graduate of Queen’s University, Dalhousie Law School, and UBC. Will is now a legal researcher, but he spent 14 years running two storefront businesses which he sold in 2012. He says his background makes him a highly effective problem solver who seeks out solutions that balance many objectives while delivering both immediate and long-term value.

Some of his priority focuses include action on housing, keeping taxes low, and supporting the downtown and everyone living in it.

Facebook: Will Cole-Hamilton

Brennan Day

After spending a decade working his way up the ladder of a Canadian energy company in Kazakhstan, Brennan returned home here in Courtenay to raise his son.

He brought his global experience in project management, procurement, and logistics back to benefit a local concrete supplier as well as a local mental health organization and now he’s hoping to bring it to council.

He has a big focus on budgeting municipal spending, not taking on federal and provincial issues, and instead focusing on infrastructure.

He says he wants to “find a better balance between the reality of today, and the possibility of tomorrow.”

Facebook: Brennan Day for Council
Phone: 250-702-1987

David Frisch

David is a father of three and owns a small business in the construction industry here in Courtenay. He says he understands the real challenges of raising a family and operating a business here and wants to help be a voice for others.

He’s been spending his time trying to give back to the city through less political means before, by sitting on boards of various groups throughout his time in Courtenay: CV Cycle Club – Treasurer, Mountain Bike CoordinatorStrata Council-PresidentImagine Comox Valley – Director organizing and operating a much-needed waste oil recycling service in the Courtenay area.

His vision is “to build a vibrant and progressive Courtenay that will prosper with growth and preserve the beauty that we all love.” 

Some of his top priorities are downtown densification, investment in a more cost-effective transportation plan, clearer economic development options, and housing solutions for people of all means.

Facebook: Elect David Frisch
Phone: 250-338-3638

Michael Gilbert

Michael is a traditionalist when it comes to campaigning, preferring to talk to people in person over giving info online. But according to an interview with Comox Valley News, his main goal is pretty clear.

His big thing is prioritizing vehicle owners, saying “the 75 percent who drive vehicles are being forgotten about or cancelled.”

He’s upset that our transportation plan wants to eliminate 10-30 percent of vehicles on the road and favours encouraging alternative transportation, and wants that to change.

His top goal is diverting investment that’s been made into projects like bike lanes towards infrastructure for drivers like bridges or roads and letting the “75% be heard.”

He also wants it to be known that he disagrees with the council setting up a raise for the winners for 2023.

Phone: 250-703-0190

Doug Hillian

Doug is back running for his fifth re-election. Besides his past experience on council, he’s bringing forty-five years of experience as a social worker and community justice professional to the table.

He worked with the non-profit sector and with the provincial government as a probation officer, consultant, and manager at the regional and provincial levels and wants to continue to bring his commitment to public service and love of this community to the council.

His focus if re-elected will stand on the four core directions of our new Official Community Plan:

Reconciliation, community well-being, equity, and climate action. He sees “a safe, respectful and inclusive community, with a strong and sustainable local economy, where we co-operate with our neighbours, care for our environment and live well together.”

Facebook: Doug Hillian
Phone: 250-650-8990

Evan Jolicoeur

Evan is a registered nurse, policy strategist, and mental health and addictions clinician with over sixteen years of experience in political advocacy. He is hoping to bring his understanding of how governments work, and how to leverage them to meet the needs of people as an asset to the Council.

He’s been a very active community member in Courtenay, sitting on the boards of the Comox Valley Substance Use Strategy Committee, the Comox Valley Community Health Network, Dawn to Dawn Action on Homelessness, Comox Valley Community Action Team, and the Comox Valley Arts Council.

His key goals are to find affordability solutions in partnership with the province, make local government more accessible, conserve Courtenay’s natural beauty, re-establish the region as an arts, culture, and recreation destination, and boost small businesses.

Facebook: Evan Jolicoeur 2022
Phone: 705-988-1691

Jin Lin

Jin Lin has been an extremely active community member in the valley since moving here 30 years ago, and she’s hoping to bring this care to council.

A 2017 recipient of Comox Chamber of commerce “Citizen of the Year” and of Courtenay Anniversary “Citizen of the Century,” Jin has made her rounds volunteering for countless initiatives and organizations, including acting as President of the CV Multicultural and Immigrant Support Society.

She hopes to continue promoting inclusivity and multiculturalism and bring a “Heart on the Left, Wallet on the Right” mentality to the council.

Her top priorities are establishing quality amenities for seniors, improving housing affordability and accessibility, and providing fiscally responsible oversight of infrastructure.

Facebook: Jin Lin for Council
Phone: 250-338-2838

Melanie McCollum

Melanie is back, seeking re-election to continue giving to the community she’s has lived in and loved since 2006. She’s raised her family here and has been an enthusiastic member of the community, coaching youth sports and volunteering in community events since she came.

She currently works at North Island College as a financial analyst, and with her background in urban planning she brings a “pragmatic and principled approach [to council] providing a strong foundation for effective and collaborative decision making.”

Her strong financial background gives her a good understanding of budgeting needs and financial constraints.

Her top priorities if re-elected will be on:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Climate Action
  • Accessible Transportation
  • Enhancing Greenspace
  • Reconciliation in Action
  • Inclusivity
  • Community Partnerships

Facebook: Counselor Mccollum City of Courtenay
Phone: 250-792-5805

Wendy Morin

Wendy will be seeking re-election as well.

A lifelong Valley resident, she’s raised four sons and is now grandmother to seven. She founded the non-profit Comox Valley Girls Group and throughout her life, she’s worked in everything from commercial fishing, print media and service industries, to social services.

She is a huge proponent of arts, culture, equity and diversity. She’s hoping to continue bringing these values to the council and focus on solving issues like food insecurity, the impacts of the drug crisis, and adding more support for unhoused citizens.

She says as councillor she works diligently to improve the quality of life for all citizens, by listening, engaging, and advocating for the issues important to them.

Facebook: Wendy Morin
Phone:  250-897-5568

Lyndsey Northcott

Lindsey is hoping to become a youthful voice on the council. She calls herself above all else a mother and a compassionate listener. She’s worked at Kingfisher Resort for 10 years and in the spa and health industry for over 15 years.

Her priorities are building more homes for people, improving the development processes, and making Courtenay a generally more entertaining place to live.

She said in an interview with Comox Valley News that she feels “there’s a gap that we can fill for children and young families. As well as young working professionals for entertainment and things to do especially in our winter seasons.”

Phone:  250-702-4933

Deana Simkin

A local business owner, Deanna’s focus will be on providing core services to all residents and businesses with a fiscally responsible approach.

Deanna has spent a huge amount of time giving back to the community through a ton of different organizations. Sitting as a Board Member of Comox Valley Economic Development Society (President 2020-2022), Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Association (Past President) 2014-2016, and Member of the Rotary Club of Courtenay (Past President) 2016-2017 to name a few.

She wants to ensure local RCMP are supported and given the resources that they need to keep the public and businesses safe.

Other focuses of hers land on ensuring all modes of transportation are supported to safely move people and goods through the city in a timely manner.

Facebook: Vote for Deanna Simkin
Phone: 250-218-9736

Manno Theos

Manos has been on council for years and years, currently seeking his 7th reelection.

His priorities for this potential term are on:

  • Crime prevention to ensure the safety of residents and businesses.
  • Encouraging provincial government to invest in solution-based resources for those facing mental health challenges.
  • More creative and beneficial land use ideas such as mixed-use, tiny/small home building, and use of clean energy where possible.
  • Exploring the possibility of having a tech/knowledge-based park in the Comox Valley.
  • Keeping expenditures within revenue growth, and with the same level of accountability and discipline as a thriving small business.

Facebook: Manos Theos Election 2022
Phone: 250-792-5884

Starr Winchester

Our former Mayor is back for more! She’s served 21 years on Courtenay Council, including 6 years as Mayor in prior years, and apparently just can’t quit!

She was born and raised in Courtenay and has an extensive business background, having retired after 34 years in the banking industry.

Starr has a ton she wants to get done as a councillor. To summarize, she wants to:

  • Support traffic infrastructure, and protect the existing parking areas that we have in Courtenay, especially in the downtown areas.
  • Speed up the construction of housing for all demographics, including the homeless population
  • Provide a more streamlined and transparent way to deal with zoning, development and building permit applications.
  • Lobby senior levels of government for more funding for our RCMP.
  • Keep taxes down.
  • Provide amenities for seniors, i.e. renovate the Florence Filberg Centre.
  • Finally, get the Satellite Fire Hall finished!

Facebook: Elect Starr Winchester to Courtenay Council
Phone: : 250-334-7664

That’s your 2022 council round-up!

All information was pulled from online sources on each candidate. We hope it gives you an overview of who you might be interested in, so you can reach out directly and find out more.

Good luck to all, and happy voting!