Portraits of three folk singers: Roy Forbes, Sue Medley, and Luke Wallace

Photo Credit: Roy Forbes / Brad Edwards / Luke Wallace

Old Church Theatre Features New Sounds—And Some Old Favourites

May is a line-up of west coast folk heavyweights

Spring has sprung, and so have the tunes

The Old Church Theatre in Courtenay is such a nice venue. It’s intimate. The sound is great. It feels like you really get to know the artists.

And this month, there are some fantastic artists on deck. Doug Cox is the theatre’s programmer, and he’s bringing in some of the greats.

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Friday, May 13th doesn’t have to be a day of bad luck. Instead, it can be a day of great songs. Vancouver folk singer Luke Wallace is coming to the theatre.

“Luke is a true troubadour; a real folksinger, who sings about things that matter, in a positive, approachable manner,” Cox told the Comox Valley Record.

Luke likes to get the audience involved when he’s performing. “If you want to come to a show and just feel hope and goodness about the world,” Cox said, “Luke can take you there!”

On May 14th, a whole cast of local folk singers will perform Bob Dylan’s greatest hits. The show, “Songs of Bob Dylan,” will be led by local favourite Sue Medley, who opened for Dylan a lot in the 90s.

Medley will be joined by Comox Valley’s Judy and Bruce Wing, Protection Island singer-songwriter John Gogo, and South Island singer-songwriter Dave Gallant.

“The ‘Songs Of…’ shows we have been putting on at The Old Church Theatre have been very popular so far,” said Cox. “I can’t wait to see what songs each of these artists choose to cover.”

Last but not least, Roy Forbes is playing at the theatre on May 25th. Forbes is an artist’s artist. He’s been writing and performing music since the 1970s.

He’s an amazing singer, songwriter, and guitar player. But he has always been pretty quiet about it.

If you want to reconnect with a familiar friend of the Canadian music festival scene, or want to discover your new favourite artist, Forbes’s show is the one to see.

According to Cox, everyone who comes to see him is blown away.

Get tickets at the Old Church’s website.