An empty road on a rainy day.

Photo Credit: Canva

Rain is Finally Here!

But how it falls could be a make-or-break moment for Islanders

Too much of a good thing will always have consequences

Oh, sunny days! We’ve had far more than our fair share this year. And while they might have felt amazing in the moment, VanIsle has been feeling the effects.

The trees have dried out, and so have many of the rivers. It’s left salmon to wilt in the sun. Our home has been in desperate need of rain.

The good news is, the forecast says it’s finally here. But the prolonged dry spell may cause unwelcome side effects when it finally falls.

When soil is dried out, it can only absorb so much water at once.

Pour too much water too quickly, and it will simply run off. That can cause flash floods like the ones we experienced last year.

A best-case scenario would be we get a little rain to start. It’s even better if it’s spread out in small sprinklings over the course of the next week.

This would allow the ground to dampen a little, so it can soak up the rain storms that will hit as we move into the winter season.

At the moment, however, VanIsle is looking at about a 90% chance of rain for a week straight.

But could some of it fall as snow (in October!)? That could help to minimize flooding.

We’ll see what the week will hold. But strange weather as a result of climate change won’t slow down anytime soon.

It will only be so long before we’re affected by drastic weather patterns as much as the environment we’re living in.