A woman comforts another woman in a clinical setting.

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RBC Supports Mental Health in the Valley

We need mental health supports, that's not the problem

Sweet, sweet corporate pocket change

Folks are more willing to talk about mental health these days. That’s a good thing. And with more publicity comes a lot more action.

RBC Foundation has just given $25,000 to support two projects by the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation.

Why is one of Canada’s biggest banks donating its pocket change?

The donation will help to launch a new support group for parents who’ve just had a baby and are dealing with postpartum life.

The other project will train frontline staff in dealing with people who are having thoughts of suicide. Money will go towards advanced training and creating trauma-informed practice to help those who need it most.

Both of these projects are super important. The Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation does great work.

But isn’t that what government is supposed to do? Aren’t they in charge of healthcare? Where is government support on these projects?

Also, $25,000? Is that all RBC is willing to give?

Let’s not start popping bottles in RBC’s honour. For a company their size, $25,000 is less than the cost of one marketing campaign.

This donation gets them a lot of good press. But they’d pay way more to make one TV commercial.

And aren’t we all a little less free if we’re depending on a multi-billion dollar corporation to fund important healthcare with a sliver of their advertising budget?