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Shout Out To The FlowerMan

Local highschoolers think the FlowerMan has a whole lotta heart

The Valley’s favourite bus driver

If you ride transit in the Comox Valley, you probably know “The Flowerman.”

His real name is JD Ludlow, and he’s been brightening people’s days on their daily commutes for the past three years.

It started with “Lei Day” in May 2021, where Ludlow handed leis to anyone hopping on the bus. What he calls “shenanigans” have only continued to blossom from there.

In the past few years, the Flowerman has gotten together a community snow shovelling squad to help out those who need an extra hand. He’s also organized Valentine’s events to spread the love around the Valley.

But what Ludlow is known for, more than anything, is simply being a positive force in many people’s day to day.

The local high school decided it was high time to give him the recognition he deserves.

Highland Secondary just awarded Ludlow their Highland Has Heart Award for the “kindness, compassion and how he has spread around the Comox Valley over the years.”

It was a super moving moment for Ludlow. While he does so many good works for everyone around him, his journey here has been far from all sunshine and rainbows.

After moving from Manitoba to the Valley, he experienced homelessness, depression and anxiety for a long time.

This was a big part of what made him so invested in bringing a little joy to the lives of others.

He knows what it feels like to be low, and what an impact a bit of kindness can make.

The Flowerman shed a few tears while accepting the award, telling Comox Valley Now, “Of all the kind gestures I’ve experienced over the last few years, this by far has had the most impact…To have children and a high school acknowledge what I’ve done is amazing.”

What he’s managed to bring to the Valley is just impressive, and he’ll continue to inspire us all.

Kudos to you, Flowerman.