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The Queen is Dead, Weird Canadian-Royal Traditions Aren’t.

God save us all.

A bunch of stuff we haven’t had to pay any attention to for 70 years

An entertaining list of all the monarchist protocols must be dug out of the archives.

Automatic King of Canada

Coronation or not, Prince Charles became our King the moment his mother passed.

The clean succession from one monarch to another is still a part of Canadian law. “Where there is a demise of the Crown … the demise does not affect the holding of any office under the Crown in right of Canada,” reads the 1985 Interpretation Act.

The Crown is a symbolic institution. Meaning it always exists in Canada, regardless of whose head it lands on.

How far down the line is Prince Andrew again?

We get a “fresh” face on all our money.

Can you imagine a more lovely thing to put on our money than King Charles’s face?

Neither can we. Regardless of your thoughts, it’s what we’re getting.

Coin turnaround is fast enough that new coins can go from drawing to production in just a few days — if the Royal Family approves of the new portrait.

Allegedly, The Queen rejected a few designs herself in the past. We’ll see if Charles is as picky with art as he is with pens.

The Bank of Canada, which prints our bills, won’t be so quick on the pickup. Apparently, they plan to redesign our $20 in about five years, and they will simply stick whoever happens to be wearing the Crown at this point on the new bills then.

We’re digging up our “Secret Stash.”

Of black armbands and condolence books.
All staff of Canada’s Governor General, Lieutenant Governors and Territorial Commissioners have been given black ties and black armbands to wear to show the deep despair we’re all feeling right now. Black ribbons are also being hung on portraits and flagpoles, and a book of condolences has been placed by their doors.

Get Ready For a Loud Holiday

Federally, Canada will observe a national day of mourning on Sept. 19. The holiday will coincide with the Queen’s funeral in London. “We have also chosen to move forward with a federal holiday on Monday,” Justin Trudeau said

Many provinces have simply opted out, but BC is sticking with it. All federal employees get a holiday, and schools will be closed.

If you live near a military base, prepare for a banging day off. For King George VI’s funeral, every military installation in Canada was ordered to fire a 56-gun salute.
That, combined with all the sobbing and wailing that’s certain to be ringing through the streets, should keep the atmosphere up.


We’re in for a whole lot of paperwork.

From Passports to military sashes to lawyers’ business cards, a lot will need a redesign and reprint.

Government contractors ink their agreements daily with “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada.” Conservative MPs sit in “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.”

Every branch of the Canadian government will have to meticulously weed out all mentions of “Queen” and replace it with “King.”

Lotta hassle and tax dollars over five letters.

At the end of the day, regardless of the work it takes, we should respect our monarchs the way they respect us.

YouTube video
Charles Laughing at Indigenous Throat Singers

On that note, All hail the King.