Kyle Bukauskas reports from the ice with an NHL microphone.

Photo Credit: Faces Magazine

The Tom Brady of Campbell River

He hasn't won a Superbowl, but according to Charles Barkley he's got superstar charm—and hair

His big break was beating Nanaimo in the Vancouver Island Midget Titles

You may have seen his name on Sportsnet, or your high school’s graduation wall.

Kyle Bukauskas has made it big. He’s been reporting for the biggest name in sports broadcasting for almost ten years. He Interviews sports megastars on international live TV and does a bang-up job of it.

He has put in a ton of work and dedication to go from a small-town boy to one of the top sports reporters in Canada. But one single event has ensured he’s remembered in the sports hall of fame.

Do you know “Sir Charles?” He’s the beloved retired American basketball superstar Charles Barkley. And he gave Kyle a huge stamp of approval this week.

“Your hair is freaking awesome,” he told the blushing sportscaster.

Kyle’s beautiful hair has been the talk of the town for quite some time. He’s just thankful he got his mother’s hairline!

But Sir Charles didn’t stop there.

Not only does Kyle have awesome hair, but according to Barkley, he looks like “the Canadian Tom Brady.”

Stupendous. Magnificent. Amazing.

Campbell River residents, just know your boy is doing you proud.

Despite all the compliments, Bukauskas is a humble guy. He told The Athletic that Barkley must have mixed him up with Ryan Reynolds.

“I know he’s not an athlete, per se, but in terms of the look and the charm… he would have been my pick. I would have been nowhere near the top 100 or 1,000,” Bukauskas laughed.

He fully returned the compliments to Charles, though.

“He was just incredibly kind and warm and welcoming. It just felt like having a conversation with someone who was interested in chatting with you.”

Although he’s hit the big leagues, he still holds his hometown close to his heart. And the times when he was still playing for the little leagues.

“I started hockey at age 5. I did not beat a team from Nanaimo until [2010]. I was, what, 16 then? So there’s 11 years of your life where you’re constantly being beaten by Nanaimo, time and time again. To beat them in the third and deciding game on their ice was a pretty damned good feeling.”

He told Faces Magazine that Campbell River will always be home, and growing up there helped get him where he is today.

“I love going home every time I get to now… I never take any of it for granted. And I wouldn’t trade growing up there for anything.”