A woman puts her feet in the ocean on a sunny day. There are mountains in the background.

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22 Things to Make Your Life a Little Better Without Really Trying

Are you already breaking your New Year's resolutions? Try these instead

Small things can brighten your day

We’re one week into the New Year. How are those resolutions? Are they haunting you already?

It’s been a hard couple of years. Did you eat the cake even though you said you’d lose 10 pounds? Who cares. You’re allowed to enjoy life.

Here are 22 things you can do to make life a little better even though everything is bonkers right now.

1. We live in a cloudy place, especially in winter. So whenever the sun shines, drop everything and go outside. Feel the warmth on your face. Then, turn around and feel the heat on your bum. Honestly, it’s great.

2. Give up your place in line to someone who looks like they’re in a real hurry.

3. Smile at people on the street.

4. Get your hands dirty! Plant a garden, even if it’s just pots in your window.

5. Do something silly at least once a day. Even if you’re by yourself, sing out of tune or have your own dance party. Make funny faces in the mirror.

6. Be kind to someone if they’re rude to you. They’ll have no idea what to do.

7. When you can, buy what you need from local shops. Ask the shop owner how they’re doing. The supply chains are jammed up so you might not find what you need. Go talk to the local shop owner anyway.

8. COVID has made people lonely. Call an old friend out of the blue. Too nervous to call? Send them a text to let them know you’re thinking about them.

9. Do that one important thing that you’ve been putting off. Then, you’ll feel like a champ when you’re done.

10. Listen to music you loved as a teenager. Turn it up. Sing along.

11. Go out into the forest as often as you can. If you’re already outdoorsy, find an easy trail and bring someone who doesn’t usually go.

12. Laugh at your own jokes.

13. If you have some extra time, volunteer with a group you believe in. Maybe count salmon with a river group. A little bit of time in the right season can really help.

14. Watch funny things. Funny movies. Funny re-runs. Funny TikToks. Share them with your friends so you can laugh about them together.

15. Do something nice for your neighbour. Do you know how many people were over the moon with joy because someone shovelled their driveway last week?

16. Wear that nice thing in your closet. Wear it to the living room if you have to.

17. Eat delicious food.

18. Put your keys in the same place every time you come in the door. Or buy one of those Tile things. Think of all the time you’ll save.

19. Put your feet in the ocean. Hell, put your whole body in the ocean. But be safe! The ocean isn’t messing around.

20. If you can swing it, book an extra day off after your holiday. We always need a vacation after our vacation.

21. Learn about a type of bird that lives nearby. If they migrate, figure out where they go. Maybe someone far away is also admiring the same birds.

22. Always bring something to a party, even if it’s small.

A similar piece in the Guardian inspired this article.