Pad Thai with shrimp on a white plate.

Photo Credit: sharonang / Pixabay

A Taste of South East Asia at the Farmer’s Market

It's absolutely delicious

You definitely want to try Pun Villawood Crowe’s Pad Thai

Every Saturday, Pun Villawood Crowe sets up her Thai food stall at the Denman farmer’s market. For three years now, she has served up Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, and spring rolls. Oh, and mango sticky rice for dessert.

Sounds delicious? Her regulars think so.

Pun grew up in Laos. There, common meals are spicy and full of coconut milk and fresh seafood. When she arrived on Hornby Island 20 years ago, she didn’t see too many Asian food options.

“Then I was introduced to the farmer’s market, and I thought I should bring my food to people here,” she told the Islands Grapevine.

She now lives on Denman and is cooking up a storm. Her recipes are based on authentic dishes that she ate back home, but she has adapted them based on feedback from folks who come to her stall.

“I love making food for people,” Pun says. “And the people are so nice at the market. I love when people come back to my stall every week.”

Her regulars like Eli Hason love it, too. “It’s a common Saturday tradition in our house,” Hason told the Islands Grapevine. “I come to the market and buy a bunch of different dishes and take it home.”

You can find Pun on Saturdays at the Denman Island Farmer’s Market from 9:30 to 12:30 (at the Old School field). COVID safety measures are in place.