A campfire burns at sunset.

Photo Credit: Daniel Zimmermann / Flickr

Campfires Are Back in the Comox Valley

A bit of rain and cooler temperatures have brought down the fire risk

Now we can warm up on those chilly nights

Campfires are back in the Comox Valley!

After a hot, dry summer, we’ve had a bit of rain and some cooler temperatures. The forest fire danger has started to come down.

And thank goodness for that. I’ve missed the smell of campfires, haven’t you?

The campfire ban has been lifted for everyone north of Union Bay on the east coast and Nootka Sound on the west coast. That means things like mosquito torches and portable campfires are also allowed.

Bigger fire risks like burn barrels and fireworks are still banned, though. We’ve had some rain, but not enough to totally bring down the fire risk.

A map of the BC coastal fire zones and the places where campfire bans are still in place.
Map of coastal fire bans. Places in orange are still under a campfire ban. Places in yellow are allowed to have campfires now. Map by the Times Colonist.

Areas in the SouthIsle and WestIsle are still under campfire bans because there hasn’t been as much rain there.