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Cumberland and Hornby Go Head to Head

BC's best small town bracket is red hot

How many tourists is too many tourists?

In the battle over the best small town in BC, the tourism towns are pulling ahead.

“If you’re landlocked, you like to come to the water,” Port McNeill Mayor Gaby Wickstrom told CBC News.

And maybe that’s why the tourist towns are doing so well. Folks from all over BC may have fond memories of the Gulf Islands or their vacation to Ucluelet.

It can be hard to find the balance between too many tourists and just enough. Tourism supports a lot of industries. But it can also skew housing prices, making it harder for folks to find places to live.

That’s part of what’s happening in Cumberland these days. The old coal town got its second wind and is a hip place to live. And that comes with a price.

But small towns also have to build communities to help each other get through the slow periods. Or through things major events like COVID cancellations and snowstorms.

That’s part of what makes living on VanIsle special.

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