Ferry on the water

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Ferry Cancellations Between Nanaimo and Vancouver

This long weekend, sit back and relax. You're gonna be here awhile

One busted piston assembly makes for a lot of unhappy travellers

The long weekend is here! Finally! For Islanders, it’s going to be a weekend of relaxing and going absolutely nowhere.

Why? COVID travel protections are gone. But good luck getting anywhere.

BC Ferries has cancelled 8 sailings on Thursday June 30 and 6 sailings on Friday July 1 between Horseshoe Bay and Departure Bay. That’s because the Queen of Alberni needs critical repairs.

This is the most recent in a string of BC Ferries cancellations. This cancellation is different because it’s due to a busted piston assembly rather than a staffing issue.

While the long weekend timing is unfortunate, it likely would have happened one day or another.

This contrasts with most of this year’s other cancellations, which likely could have been prevented.

BC Ferries is asking for patience. They’re redirecting travellers to a route between Duke Point and Tsawwassen or Swartz Bay and Tsawwassen if they have to travel.

“If you do not have a booking for this route for June 30th, we recommend making alternative travel plans either on a different route or as a foot passenger,” the ferry service said in a statement.

They say besides the cancellations, folks should expect severe sailing delays.

Waits are already long on long weekends. This summer, if you’re trying to get out of town, don’t hold your breath.