From City Lights to Country Sights: Foundry Takes On Port Hardy

A big win for NorthIsle's healthcare

From cityscape to countryside, youth clinic plants their roots in rural Port Hardy, providing much-needed community care services to the youth

If you haven’t heard of Foundry yet, you’re about to get familiar.

Foundry is a network of integrated health and wellness services for young people ages 12-24. 

Their mission, put simply, is to support young people in living a good life.

In more detail, they provide drop-in counselling, peer support and physical and sexual health care in person and virtually.

They’ve established centers across BC, but until now, they have always been in bigger cities.

Now, they’re bringing the first-ever rural Foundry location to Port Hardy.

“Our vision has always been to make safe and inclusive wellness resources accessible for youth not just in cities but in the furthest reaches of the province,” said Karen Tee, associate executive director at Foundry.

“It brings me enormous pride that we can now carry out Foundry’s vision.”

North Island Crisis and Counselling Centre will run the location. Nicki Ranger, their Executive Director, spoke of how it will fill a much-needed community care service gap.

“We know that youth living in rural and isolated communities often have higher needs with fewer resources, and this is truly what has made us so passionate about opening Foundry.”

This is truer than ever on North Island, where most people have difficulty accessing timely and local healthcare services.

Having Foundry’s services available will make a difference in the lives of youth seeking help now – and for the whole community moving forward as these kids grow.

“When youth have access to mental health, substance use and other supports in their community, it can make a big difference in their lives – not just when they’re in crisis but into their futures,” said Mitzi Dean, Minister of Children and Family Development.

Services will be provided temporarily at 2-7053 Market St. as planning for the centre’s permanent site continues.

To learn more about this location and its care services or to access remote care – you can head to Foundry’s website for more info.