Grow Your Own: Port Hardy Library Launches New Seed Sharing Project

Drop in and get your garden started!

Local library is lending seeds to support local green thumbs

A new project has just sprouted at the Port Hardy Library.

“I’ve been dreaming about a seed library in Port Hardy for about ten years, and it almost makes me a little emotional to see all of you here tonight,” said Leslie Dyck, Coordinator of the Mount Waddington Community Food Initiative, at the project launch.

The organization has donated funds to develop a new seed bank or “seed library” that will help support community green thumbs. Like anything else at the library, the idea is to let people “borrow” seeds.

People can “check out” three envelopes of vegetable seeds, take them home, plant them, and grow them. Once gardeners have harvested the fruits of their labours, they must save some seeds and return them to the library for someone else to use the following year.

Dyck said it’s “a wonderful way to build a community of growers and our knowledge around gardening.”

It makes the hobby accessible to absolutely anyone, especially with all the resources provided by the library for new gardeners.

The library plans to host a series of info sessions to help teach members skills like harvesting seeds from grown plants. If you miss a session, in-depth growing instructions are on every seed packet.

“This is especially useful for first-time gardeners, for inexperienced gardeners,” said Library Manager Laura Kaminker.

All the seeds are currently for vegetable plants to increase community food resources, and they hope to expand to flowers or fruits in the future if there’s enough interest.

For more info or to check out your first seed packet, drop into the library and get your garden started!