A little kid in a blue swim suit gets sprayed with water in a splash park.

Photo Credit: Kim Stallknecht / Comox Valley Record

Heat Records Smashed All Over the Island

Holy crap it's hot

Pretty much every store on the Island was sold out of air conditioners

Hot enough for ya?

Temperature records got crushed all over the Island this weekend.

In most places, the last hottest day happened in 2015. During that heatwave, it got up to the mid-30s. But this weekend, every 2015 record was broken by 5 or 6 degrees.

Port Alberni was the hottest place on the Island at 41º Celsius yesterday. Or 106º Fahrenheit, which sounds even more impressive.

That means Port Alberni was the same temperature as Dubai and New Delhi. That’s hot.

The heat wave isn’t quite over, but there are no air conditioners left in stores. Every Canadian Tire on the Island is sold out.

But there are splash parks in most towns where you can take your kids (and yourselves) to cool off.

Also, when it’s this hot it’s important to drink a lot. Water, though—not beer.