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Will Conservative Candidate Mary Lee Tackle VanIsle’s Challenges?

Lee keeps spouting Conservatives talking points but nothing that's actually about Islanders

Her slogan is “Secure the Future.” We have a few questions about how she plans to do that

The federal election is only a few weeks away. That means we only have a bit of time to learn about the candidates who want to represent the people of Courtenay-Alberni in Ottawa.

ComoxValley.News is digging into candidates’ websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other social media to find out what they stand for. What are their priorities? What do they want to do to make your life better?

Credit: Facebook / Mary Lee CPC

So far, there hasn’t been much from Mary Lee, the Conservative Party candidate.

Her Facebook page is mostly shares of Conservative party stuff. Her Instagram is all about yoga and being Christian. That’s cool, but it doesn’t tell us much about what she wants to do for our region.

Lee’s campaign slogan is “Secure the Future.” That sounds good, but she’s just recycling the Conservative Party slogan.

Her launch video repackages the Conservative Party’s platform. We’re not saying that’s a terrible thing, but there was nothing specific to Vancouver Island.

She highlights the Conservative promise to add 1 million jobs in their first year if they get elected. But she doesn’t say how she’ll do it.

Lee has said almost nothing about the communities or the people she wants to represent. So we have a few questions for her:

  1. If you get elected, how will you #securethefuture for this riding?
  2. What changes would you try to make for the economy of Courtenay-Alberni?
  3. How will the Conservative Party bring back 1 million jobs in one year and how many will be in Courtenay-Alberni?
  4. Logging and salmon fishing are slowing down. Will you try to get federal money for loggers and fishers like the ones oil workers got in Alberta and Newfoundland?

Lee hasn’t said much about Canada-wide policies either. She hasn’t said anything about climate change even though BC is on fire. She hasn’t said anything about controversial social issues like banning gay conversion therapy even though lots of LGBTQ people live on the Island.

If we elect Mary Lee, we will be her constituents. We deserve to know what she thinks about these issues before we vote on September 20th.