The front of a vintage Ford F150 on a sunny day.

Photo Credit: VanIsle.News Staff

Hot Sun and Hot Cars at the Port Alberni Fair

The first Alberni District Fall Fair Car Show was small but mighty

Hey nice ride ya got there!

After a year and a half of COVID, it was really nice to hang out at the Port Alberni Fall Fair. And the coolest part wasn’t the carnival rides.

This year was the first Alberni District Fall Fair Car Show. And it brought out some of the region’s sweetest.

An old red Mustang parked with its hood propped up.
A red classic Mustang parked with its hood propped up.
A cherry red Mustang with the classic dice on the mirror. Photo by WestIsle.News Staff.

WestIsle.News staff got a chance to see the cars on display on the Sunday afternoon. The weather was perfect to really show off the sparkle on the paint jobs.

A red Bel Air with a white roof, parked with its hood popped up.
A hard top, mid-1950s Chevy Bel Air. Photo by WestIsle.News Staff.
A classic Chevy Silverado with a black
Mid-1980s Chevy Silverado. For the hard-working car enthusiast. Photo by WestIsle.News Staff.

We talked to one participant who just started repairing classic cars last year. She had no idea she would love it as much as she does.

Now she rides around Port Alberni in her Beaumont just because it’s fun. She says sometimes women will come up to her in town and ask her about what it’s like to work on cars. She feels like she’s empowering other women to start doing this for themselves, and that feels really good.

A classic Beaumont, painted black, with no hood. It's parked and has a compressor mounted in the engine.
Classic Canadian mid-1960s Beaumont. Photo by WestIsle.News.

Her Beaumont is still a work in progress, but she’s having a blast souping it up. She says it still needs some interior work and a fresh paint job.