A construction worker moves materials around a build site in the snow.

Photo Credit: Habitat For Humanity | Facebook

How You Can Turn Christmas Gifts Into A Home

"Within a year, I went from having no hope of ever owning a home to moving into my own home. That was the biggest gift I've ever been given."

Two families moved into their homes this year, and you can help others to do the same

Christmas is all about giving. But with the rising costs of living, pockets might be feeling a little lighter this season.

Luckily, we live in a really supportive community.

Over the past year, Habitat For Humanity has helped two local families get the keys to brand new homes in Campbell River, one of them just last week!

“Within a year, I went from having no hope of ever owning a home to moving into my own home,” said Maris, who now lives in a Habitat Home with her daughter Nayeli. “That was the biggest gift I’ve ever been given.”

They’ll be spending Christmas in their new homes for many years to come, thanks to our communities support.

It’s great to see. And if it’s something you’d like to see more of, even the smallest gifts can make the biggest difference.

Habitat is starting to build more housing on 461 Hilchey Road.

Thanks to Jakob and Jasmen Christoph of Christoph Real Estate Group, anything you have to give will go twice as far towards helping get more families housed on the river.

They’ll be matching all contributions to Habitat VIN until the end of the year, up to $10,000.

Donations can be made online or in person at the Habitat office (877 5th St, Courtenay), Comox Valley ReStore (1755 13th St, Courtenay), or Campbell River ReStore (1725 Willow St, Campbell River).

But there are more ways to give than just by donation.

You can give with your time and volunteer, as the families who’ve moved into Habitat homes did.

Or, if you need to focus your money towards gifts for your own family this year, you can check out the Habitat ReStore for some home gift ideas!

Habitat for Humanity is just one awesome organization helping out our community.

Of course, there are more pieces to the puzzle of solving the housing crisis.

But by focusing your Christmas shopping on local businesses that are giving back, you know whatever dollars you can afford to spend will be funnelled back into your home and community.

If you don’t have donations to throw around, shop thoughtfully for your own family, and you’ll be giving to more people than you think.