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Premier Horgan’s F-Bomb 🤯

His actions matter more than his language

Almost one million British Columbians don’t have a doctor!

Premier Horgan dropped the f-bomb in the legislature yesterday. He told his opponents “ah, fuck” instead of answering their questions on why almost one million British Columbians don’t have a primary care doctor.

The Premier was quick to respond with humour on Twitter. He said that if his mother were still alive, she would wash his mouth out with soap. He called his language “unparliamentary.”

Well, it certainly was.

But here’s the thing. Now everyone is talking about Horgan’s shitty language and we’ve lost sight of what’s important:

  • One in four British Columbians don’t have a primary care doctor.
  • Walk-in clinics are closing.
  • BC has the longest waiting lines at clinics.
  • People have to wait for hours to get lab work done.
  • Horgan’s government doesn’t seem to have a plan to fix this growing problem.

When you combine these growing problems, people are getting pissed right off.

In fact, over 32,000 people have signed’s petition to Bring back Family Doctors and our Walk-in Clinics.

We’re pretty sure most British Columbians would feel better if our Premier was focused on solving the frigging doctor crisis rather than creating potty-mouthed distractions in the fancy government building.