Two bike wheels standing up by themselves in a forest with the words "A lifetime of shredding" over top.

Photo Credit: Jann Eberharter / Freehub

Reinventing the Wheel

NOBL Wheels was launched in the Fraser Valley in 2013, but relocated to the Comox Valley in 2020

A Comox Valley-based company is designing light and strong carbon mountain bike wheels built to take a beating

Is it possible to build a better wheel?

Lower Mainlander Trevor Howard thought so. He started tinkering around with carbon rims for mountain bikes nearly ten years ago. 

It turns out he was onto something. 

After partnering with tech entrepreneur Ryan Kononoff, NOBL Wheels was born. 

What started as a fun hobby in his garage quickly turned into a full-time job. The team now spends all their time designing and building light, tough carbon wheels.

In 2020, NOBL relocated to the Comox Valley.

According to marketing manager Chris Arruda, the company wanted to get out of the rat race in the Fraser Valley. They wanted to set up in a smaller town with an awesome bike riding culture.

Now they employ more than ten people. They are designers, wheel builders, and marketing specialists. 

Though NOBL makes their products in Asia, they design and test everything in the Comox Valley from the rims to the hub.

The price is as steep as a mountain. A fully built wheel starts at about $1,700.

These wheels are for gear heads with cash to spare. 

But they also come with a lifetime replace-and-repair warranty. NOBL will replace your busted wheel even if you accidentally drove over it with a truck.

The Comox Valley’s reputation as a hub (ha ha, Dad joke!) for cutting edge outdoor gear is definitely growing, one small innovative company at a time.