Danielle Goulet, looking incredibly buff, poses with her new gold medal. She has a huge smile.

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This Cumberland Body Builder is Buffer Than You

And she's got the gold medals to prove it

Her big win means she’s a pro now

Danielle Goulet isn’t just buff. She’s a dedicated athlete. And now she has some fancy hardware to go with all those muscles she built.

Goulet competed in the 2021 Natural Canada Pro Qualifier in Toronto in late November.

She won three gold medals, including best overall in the women’s physique open category.

This small-town girl with big dreams hasn’t always been a bodybuilder. She didn’t get super serious about fitness until she started doing Muay Thai in Thailand.

Muay Thai is a type of martial arts. Its fighters are fit and fierce.

She told West Coast Ink that she was intimidated at first. “Tough fighters,” she said. “And half of them don’t speak your language! Dare I try?”

But she tried it and loved it. After a while, she was training five days a week.

“Train in the mornings, hit the yummy food and the beaches every day, and do it all over again,” she told the Comox Valley Record about her Muay Thai habit.

Goulet didn’t compete in her first fitness competition until 2019. She started with a bang, winning three gold medals at the Natural BC Cup in Kamloops.

She is especially excited to compete in “natural” competitions. That means no steroids are allowed.

“There are a lot of people who take synthetic enhancements for their body, and I’m all about natural,” she told Comox Valley Record. “It’s the real deal.”

And now she’s a pro bodybuilder.

Her overall win in Toronto means she qualified for membership in the International Federation of BodyBuilders. It means also she can compete on the international stage.

But first, she’ll compete as a pro in the Vancouver Island Showdown in Victoria in May 2022.

Goulet also recently finished her International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) personal training certification. She plans to start training people in the new year.

That means you could start training with a gold medal bodybuilder right here on VanIsle.

But only if you think you can keep up with a pro.