A cartoon man breathes garlic breath all over a group of market goers.

Photo Credit: VanIsle Staff / Comox Valley Record

The Garlic Festival is Back!

There will also be fresh produce and local arts and crafts

Better break out the mouthwash

Mark your calendar and grab your Listerine: the Merville Garlic Festival is back this Sunday, August 22nd.

This will be the festival’s 10th year. It’ll be held outside the Big Yellow Merville Hall, as usual.

Depending on the COVID-19 situation, there might even be food trucks and musicians.

There’s more than just garlic at the festival. Farmers will be selling all kinds of other produce, and local artists and craftspeople will have goods for sale as well.

Garlic Fest is free, so come on down and get your bulbs and scapes. The festival will be open from noon until 4:00 pm, but it’s better to get there early!

Parking has changed, though — it is now One Way, with the start at the north side of the site and exit at the south side.