Sean Hayes stands with his arms crossed and looks confidently into the camera.

Photo Credit: Sean Hayes / Facebook

The Heaviest Deadlift Ever

Comox Valley makes incredibly strong people

He’s so strong he breaks records by accident

Remember when Sean Hayes deadlifted a car? Guess what. He’s even stronger now. And he’s just set a new world record.

At the King/Queen of the Throne competition in Surrey on April 2, Sean Hayes deadlifted 560 kg (1,235 pounds) in the silver dollar deadlift event.

It’s the most anyone has ever deadlifted in any style in any event anywhere.

Forgive us when we say this, but HOLY CRAP. Sean Hayes is strong.

The silver dollar was the only event he competed in that day. It took him two tries to make the lift. But when he succeeded, he beat the old record by 10 kg.

He tried to go for 1,300 pounds, but the deadlift gods told him he’d already crushed the competition that day.

The King/Queen of the Throne competition is an amateur event. And Hayes is a professional lifter now. But the silver dollar was a “record breaker” event, so anyone was allowed to participate.

The wild thing was, Hayes had never tried to lift that much before. He had lifted 505 kg in practice but never 560 kg. And never with the stress of competition.

But maybe that’s exactly what he needed. Maybe the extra energy from all those fans cheering him on was enough to give him super-strength.

Hayes also spent the weekend coaching four other athletes. One of them is his daughter, Annalise. She’s 12, and she lifted 117 kg in the silver dollar teen event.

So apparently she’s strong like her dad.

Folks who want to see Sean Hayes in action can come to the Comox Valley Strength Fest on July 11 in Lewis Park.