Two orcas play in the sea.

Photo Credit: PxFuel

WATCH: Orcas Come Back to the Salish Sea

Did the Orcas leave because there aren't enough salmon?

After 100 days the Southern resident orcas dropped by for a visit

It’s the long weekend. The tourists are everywhere (welcome back!). The Delta variant is on the rise (oh no!). And the kids go back to school in a month (say what?!?).

Things are nuts. Why not watch 4 minutes of killer whales playing in the sea?

YouTube video

The Southern resident orcas weren’t seen in the Salish sea for more than 100 days. That’s their longest absence so far.

There is concern that there aren’t enough chinook salmon to eat, so they have to find their food somewhere else.

Saving salmon isn’t just good for us. It’s also good for the orcas. And these apex predators are a part of our home.