A shot of dolphins and Orca whales swimming together.

Photo Credit: Orca Labs | Facebook

Our Favourite Ocean Celebrities Spotted Together!

Orcas and dolphins make unlikely friends?

Now, why they’re together? That’s the real question

It’s that time of year again, the annual Orcas and dolphins mysterious get-together!

Each summer, when the Northern Residents cruise back and forth, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins can often be found swimming right beside them.

As you can see in this footage from OrcaLabs, it’s a pretty adorable outing.

The question that has scientists stumped, though, is why exactly are they hanging out?

There are a few theories.

Dolphins could be hiding out with the fish-eating Resident Orcas to avoid the Biggs Orcas—which will eat dolphins for dinner!

The Northern Residents are uniquely vocal, making it fairly evident to smart dolphin brains that “we won’t eat you!”

It could also be a way for the dolphins to get a snack themselves! The Resident Orcas are especially good at finding fish, so the dolphins might just be lazy and hanging around for leftovers.

Another theory is that the dolphins might be trying to assert themselves. A Southern Resident Orca did kill a porpoise recently, and the dolphins could be showing strength in numbers. So they could be trying to mob the Orcas to show them they’re a proper gang not to be messed with!

But, our favourite idea is that they just like each other.

People can get along despite their differences. Why not ocean critters?

It has been suggested that it might just be ‘fun’ for them to get together. The dolphins seem to love crashing around the Orcas. They play in their wake and even hang out while the Residents frequent their favourite rubbing beaches.

It could be one of these, a combination, or something entirely different. Let us know your theories in the comments!