A closeup of hands peeling potatoes.

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Are You Giving Back This Christmas?

It's that time of the year again

Earl Naswell Community Christmas Dinner needs you and your potato peeler

Christmas is all about giving.

The best way you can give back is with your time and heart to people in need.

Also—your potato peeler.

The 40th annual Earl Naswell Community Christmas dinner is back, and organizers are calling one and all to volunteer.

“The 24th is another big day for volunteers,” said said co-ordinator, Rob James to Comox Valley Record.

“We probably only need about four of five in the kitchen, but we could use as many hands as possible with prep work—peeling potatoes and prepping the brussels sprouts. We need about 30 or 35 for that… and bring potato peelers if you can.”

It’s an amazing way to bond and celebrate community. Though they definitely need more help in the kitchen, you can do more than just peel potatoes.

They also deliver over 725 bags of cheer around the Valley. And without any magic reindeer, it takes a lot of running around.

“We need drivers—even a standard little car can take a dozen bags,” said James. “The first 450 are group deliveries—to Washington Inn and Salvation Army and such. We would like vans to do those. Then there are just under 300 to go to homes, so anyone who can give us a couple of hours for that on Christmas Day would be appreciated.”

The Official Dinner will be held at noon Christmas Day for anyone who wants to get together in the holiday spirit!

To volunteer, email earlnaswellchristmas@shaw.ca and leave your phone number, as well as how you’d like to do to help out!

The event is truly what Christmas is all about—plus, it’s guaranteed to get you off the naughty list!