The Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department poses in front of one of their fire trucks.

Photo Credit: Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department | Facebook

Community Christmas Tree Bonfire is Back!

Volunteer fire department to give the holiday season a safe send-off

The post-holiday party/garbage dump you’ve been waiting for!

This event truly has everything you could want from a winter get-together.

It’s useful, gives back to a great cause, and has piping hot chocolate!

After a six-year hiatus, the Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department is bringing back the Christmas Tree Bonfire!

And people are excited to see it.

“I love it! So happy the Christmas tree bonfire is back for the kids, and the community,” said resident Craig Windley on Facebook.

The get-together will give everyone who hasn’t yet had the heart to take down their Christmas tree the perfect way to dispose of it.

It’s also a chance to see that, while the holidays may be over, the community spirit of giving is still very much alive.

They will be collecting trees from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. this Sunday in the Cumberland fire hall rear parking lot.

They’ll start the bonfire at 4 p.m., and will be offering coffee, hot chocolate and hot dogs for purchase.

All proceeds will go to the Village Food Bank.

“This is a family-friendly event with fire safety and awareness being key,” said the fire department’s post.

Only real trees (not plastic) will be accepted to burn, and the service will be by donation.

If your Christmas season hasn’t yet gone out with a bang, this is the perfect way to get together with others and send it off with a snap, crackle, and pop!