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Hard Work Pays Off for Juno Award Nominee from Port Alberni

Growing up in the Valley helped her musical talent thrive

Lauren Falls credits her hometown for her success

Are you looking for some new tunes? Why not check out the latest Juno nominee, who happens to be from Port Alberni.

The new album by Lauren Falls, “A Little Louder Now,” is up for Solo Jazz Album of the Year.

It’s a huge accolade, and she told Alberni Valley News that growing up in town fostered her passion for music.

“I think Port Alberni’s really lucky in that sense,” she said. “The support for the arts is really strong. There are some fantastic private teachers, as well. A lot of music happening there. I’m also really inspired by nature and Vancouver Island is one of the most beautiful places on earth, so that also played a part in being inspired to write music as well.”

Falls has taken that inspiration to Toronto, where she now lives. The move has had a big impact on her work.

“I felt like Toronto was kind of my landing place,” she said. “It was kind of about getting re-inspired and feeling fiery again. That’s where the name ‘A Little Louder Now’ came from.”

But she hasn’t forgotten her roots, and music seems to run in the family.

“I’ve always loved playing with my brother, Trevor, and I can’t really think of anyone else I would have wanted to play on the record.”

She wanted the album to be accessible to all listeners, describing her music as “modern jazz, but very melodic and listenable.”

“Even if you’re not a huge jazz fan, I tried to make a record that anyone would be happy to listen to and enjoy,” she told CHEK News.

Falls is the only independent artist to be nominated. She hasn’t been signed by a music label. Yet.

“I wasn’t sure, you know. I just went for it. Most people who get nominated are with a label,” she said. “I do a lot of my own work. It’s basically another full-time job.”

Her hard work and independent spirit are paying off.

You can support Lauren Falls by giving her a listen.

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