Photo Credit: Facebook / Yvonne Muir

Man Jumps into Pool of Shit to Save a Drowning Deer

When Yvonne Muir discovered a baby deer in distress, she turned to social media to rally a rescue

Quick action by Comox Valley residents saves a fawn deep in the do-do
Yvonne Muir
Credit: Facebook / Yvonne Muir

Two men are being called heroes after rescuing a young deer trapped in a pool of murky brown water at a Comox Valley farm. Last Tuesday, Yvonne Muir stopped at the side of Comox Road to pick berries. Her dogs started barking and ran over to a concrete structure filled with a dark substance – manure.

Muir followed the dogs only to discover a young deer stuck in the muck and struggling.

“I noticed it was a baby deer, so I called my husband, but he didn’t answer, and then I posted on Comox Valley Rants and Raves,” Muir said in a CTVNews report.

Within minutes of the Facebook posting, members of the community started showing up. Among them was Sean Ferguson, who immediately jumped into the substance and quickly realized he was in manure and in over his head.

Deer stuck in manure pit
Credit: Facebook / Yvonne Muir

“I didn’t touch bottom there,” Ferguson says. “Yeah, it was quite interesting, jumping in, but we got him; hopefully, he’s here with his mom.”

Also quick to respond was Dayton Nixon, who helped pull the deer over the wall to safety. Nixon said the fawn was crying but quickly started to calm down after it was rescued.

For Ferguson, it was all in day’s work. He’s previously worked on a farm, so it’s not the first time he’s been covered in manure.

However, he added that “…this is the first time I’ve been covered up to my neck in manure.”