A headshot of Mary Lee against a white background.

Photo Credit: CPC

Mary Lee Announced as Courtney-Alberni Conservative Candidate

Communications manager for School District 71 is throwing her hat in the ring

Air traffic controller wants to represent Courtenay—Alberni in Ottawa

The Conservative Party of Canada has announced that Mary Lee will be the new candidate for the Courtenay—Alberni riding.

Courtenay—Alberni riding
Credit: Elections Canada

Canada’s political parties are busy nominating new candidates because of rumours that the Liberals might call an election in the late summer or early fall.

Lee’s website says she was raised in a military family and served for years as an air traffic controller. She now works as the communications manager for School District 71 in the Comox Valley.

We don’t know much yet about Lee’s plans for the riding. On her new website, Lee does say she wants to get people back to work as quickly as possible after Covid-19.

We know that Conservative riding associations, the groups that get to nominate election candidates, have more money than the Liberals, NDP, and Greens in most places.

So if the election gets called, you’ll be seeing lots of Mary Lee all over the riding.