A group of people in hard hats raise a new wall with a sign on it for Habitat for Humanity.

Photo Credit: Jason Asteros | Habitat for Humanity

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Roll up your sleeves, it's time to build folks somewhere to live

Courtenay sells land for $1 to create more affordable housing

An plot of land for a dollar? That’s one heck of a deal.

But it’s a deal that made sense for both the buyer and seller of this Courtenay 0.11 acre property.

The awesome thing about cheap land is that it’s prime real estate for homes that don’t cost a zillion dollars.

Habitat for Humanity plans to create exactly that with their new land in town.

Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells said council was in full support of the donation of 2140 Lake Trail Road.

“We’re very excited this property will help Habitat for Humanity build more homes in our community for those who need them. This project fits perfectly with the housing goals of our new Official Community Plan, and will truly be life-changing for the future homeowners who will live here.”

It’s no secret that the cost of living is going up. The cost of real estate has been screaming hot the last two years.

Folks who partner with Habitat for Humanity and move into one of their homes become part of the Habitat community.

Partners volunteer 500 hours, and then pay a mortgage at a price they can actually afford.

That’s how Emily (last name protected) got her home in the Comox Valley in 2019.

“Before partnering with Habitat, my life felt unstable and insecure,” she said in a Habitat for Humanity blog.

“It was discouraging that I was working so hard as a single mom, yet never gaining ground in my life.”

And volunteering with Habitat gave Emily a feeling of community. “It’s a great atmosphere to be a part of,” she explained. “It sounds funny, but one of my favourite things were lunch breaks on the build site. Everyone sits together telling stories, joking, and laughing.”

She learned a ton of new skills and even got to help build her own house.

Habitat for Humanity is thrilled with the City’s commitment to this land transfer and the opportunity it provides to serve more families on the North Island,” said Jeff West, executive director of Habitat VIN.

“As we all know, the housing crisis affects everyone. Municipal partnerships hold the key to unlocking meaningful scale in the creation of affordable housing. This property transfer will help Habitat for Humanity realize its vision of a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.”

If we’re going to solve the housing crisis, we’re going to need a lot of different tactics. Habitat for Humanity is just one, but it’s important because it brings folks together to build homes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new homes going up in the Valley or want to apply as a homeowner, check out their applications page to become part of this new community!