A group of pepole walk and smile wearing Walk with your Doc t-shirts.

Photo Credit: walkwithyourdoc.ca

Take a Walk With Your Doc

Get your steps in a get to know your local doctors!

Finally—an appointment for everyone

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So do regular walks—most of the time.

Healthy lifestyle choices are a decent way to see your doctor as little as possible. But in this case, a walk in the park will bring you right to them.

Doctors of BC’s annual Walk with your Doc event is back.

In Comox and Courtenay, everyone is invited to come out and connect with local healthcare practitioners.

As we know, with all the issues in our healthcare system, it’s not always easy to see a doctor. So take advantage!

There will be two walks in our area September 23rd, one at noon at Comox Marina Park under the canopy and the other at Courtenay Airpark south entry near the playground. 

This is an awesome chance to have some real conversations with your local doctors, get to know them personally, and learn more about how you can use regular exercise to stay healthy.

Plus you’ll get some fresh autumn air and your daily steps in!

These steps are no small feat either. Daily walks help maintain weight levels, boost the immune system, lower stress, and prevent memory loss.

Any doctor will tell you that!

If you arrive early you’ll also get a free hip pouch to keep your stuff secure while walking.

We know free swag isn’t the same as getting a doctor. But if it were up to the doctors, we’d all get care.

These walks will happen across the province. You can use the #WalkWithYourDoc hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to share your experience and check out other walks across BC!