A toy house built out of matches burns in front of a pale green background.

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The Scariest Reason Why You Need to Save Water Right Now

If your lawn is brown—leave it that way

Imagine this happened and there was no water left?

All of VanIsle is now in Drought Level 5. That’s the worst level we can get to.

But because droughts are slow emergencies, they can feel kind of… boring?

Unless you get your water from a well, it’s easy to forget that we have a real problem right now. The car gets dirty, so we wash it. The lawn gets brown, so we put the sprinkler on for a while. It all seems pretty harmless.

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Until your house catches fire.


We all know that we need to save water so that we have water to drink, shower, brush our teeth, and flush the toilet. Normal stuff, right?

But guess what uses a lot more water than your toilet bowl?

You guessed right: a fire truck.

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For example, the Port Hardy fire trucks hold between 1,000–3,500 litres of water. Hook one of those suckers up to a fire hydrant, and they’re pumping more than 5,000 litres of water every minute.

All to stop your house from burning down.

So unless you feel like making a bucket brigade to haul water from the nearest lake, you might want to go easy on the water coming from your taps.

Maybe we can all wait for nature’s car wash to get the dust off the trucks.