A man takes a selfie on a mountain trail while wearing a banana costume.

Photo Credit: David DS / Eucalyp

WATCH: Man Hikes Mount Prevost—as a Banana

This guy had always wanted to climb a mountain as a piece of produce

David would always rather be hiking

David likes to hike. In fact, at any given moment, he would rather be hiking. He even says so on his FaceBook page, where he posts videos of himself hiking all over Vancouver Island.

Only on this hike, he thought he would get into the Halloween spirit and head up Mount Prevost near Duncan as a banana.

From the looks of the video, he committed to the whole gag. And let me tell you, he looked pretty hot in there. And not, like, hot hot. Like “I’m running up a hill in a big plastic banana suit,” hot.

YouTube video

But the view from the top looks amazing.

He even crowdsourced which route he would take. He asked people on his page which route was the best. But he didn’t tell anyone he’d be in costume.

“I’m pretty sure when the internet was created, they didn’t have this in mind,” he said on his FaceBook page. “Happy Halloween.”